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Electronic Check Acceptance

Attract more U.S. Customers with ACH (direct deposit) payments today! U.S. Company or U.S. presence is not necessary.

Americans that do not have credit cards (or simply do not want to use their credit cards on-line) LOVE to pay with ACH because ACH payments are convenient, secure, FAST and easy to make.

Increase your sales and tap into new markets with ACH. Merchants that offer electronic checks generally have between 15% and 20% more sales, ACH can be used with recurring billing as well.

What is ACH

American banks use an electronic network when handing their financial transactions. The Automatic Clearing House (ACH) offers financial institutions and banks a secure and easy way to move money from one bank account to another. This system has been around since the ’70s, it’s regulated by the National Automated Clearing House Association and the Federal Reserve. The Automatic Clearing House is able to handle a number of different financial transactions including:

  • Ecommerce transactions
  • Point of purchase check conversion
  • Vendor payments
  • Business to business payments
  • Tax payments
  • Payroll – Direct deposit
  • Government payments
  • Bill Payments
  • Mortgage payments

How ACH works

1) The ACH transaction starts with you, the merchant. You want to collect money from your customer by electronic means. Your customer authorizes you to debit his/her checking account. For this, your customer must provide their bank account number and the banks’ routing number via your websites’ payment interface.

2) In order to get this check cleared through ACH it needs to go through a Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI). This could be done by any payment processor, bank or gateway that is signed up to the ACH system.

3) The funds debited from the customers bank account.

4) The funds are transferred to the merchants bank account.

ACH Payment Flow

Diversify Your Payment Options

  • Reach Out to U.S. customers without credit cards
  • Boost your e-commerce revenues by 10%-20%
  • Easy Payment Transactions
  • EliminateThe Need For Paper Checks
  • Secure Online Transactions in Real Time!
  • Get PaidFaster Than With Regular Paper Checks

Is ACH the right solution for you?

Not all types of HIGH RISK merchants qualify for ACH. Fill in this form for a free evaluation. If you qualify for ACH, we will email you an ACH Application Pack.

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